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Natalie and the Grim [05.24.2008 ; 12.57 pm]
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Title: Natalie and the Grim
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/OC, Lily, James
Summary: Lily and Natalie find a strange dog in Hogsmeade.
Word Count: 1230
Note: Um, okay, this was actually written back in 2005. So yes, it is really old. I was working on cleaning off my ff.net account, though, so I wanted to save it here. *shrugs*

“Natalie, put the dog down.” Lily Evans was a sixth year at Hogwarts with long red hair and emerald eyes. She was a studious girl who always knew what to do; she had a lot of common sense. That was why she was telling her best friend to put down the stray dog she had just found.</p>

“But he’s so cute!” Natalie Blackwood was the same age as Lily, though taller with brown hair and brown eyes. She wasn’t the brightest person in the world, but it wasn’t as though she was stupid… Nat had a big heart and loved animals; that was why she was so insistent on keeping the dog.

“Put it down, Nat!” Lily persisted. She put her hands on her hips.

“But… why?” Natalie asked, looking sadly at her friend. She held the black dog closely to her as he licked her face.

“You don’t know where he’s been!” Lily said. She glared at the dog, even though it was obvious she was trying not to laugh at it.

“Yes I do!” Natalie said, offended. “Well, no I don’t. But still!”

“Natalie, we didn’t come to Hogsmeade to play with a stray dog. Put it down.” Lily frowned at Nat.

“Fine,” Natalie sighed, putting the black dog back on the ground. He looked up at her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. “Buh-bye, little fellow!”

“Shall we get our ice cream now?” Lily asked. “It’s hot out here, and I’m starved.”

Natalie nodded, and with one last glance at the dog, she left with Lily. They had only taken a few steps, however, when Natalie turned around again.

“He’s following us!” she laughed, looking at the black dog running around her feet.

Lily looked at him for a moment, biting her lip. “Sit!” she told the dog. He obeyed. “Erm… stay!” she said to it. Then she turned to Natalie again. “Come on,” she said.

They walked for a little while before realizing that they were once again being followed by the mutt. Natalie seemed delighted.

“Come on, boy! Come on!” she called to the dog. He happily trotted toward them.

“Nat, don’t call it!” Lily cried. “Now he’ll never leave us!”

Natalie reached out to pat the dog on his head. “So?” she asked. The dog licked her hand.

Lily sighed, “You can’t keep him.” Natalie turned to face Lily, ready to reply, but the dog bit into her skirt. He tugged it with all his might.

“I think he likes you,” Lily laughed. “Now it’s not only the guys at school, but the animals in the village who want to see your knickers.”

“Bad dog!” Natalie scolded, trying to pull her skirt back from the dog. The dog laid on the ground, putting his paws over his nose, trying to hide his face. Nat’s expression softened. “Aww, how can I stay mad at you, Snuffles?” she said, crouching down next to the dog and hugging it.

“Snuffles?” Lily asked. “Snuffles?

“Yes, Snuffles!” Natalie said, snuggling the dog. “That’s his name!”

“You’ve named him? But now you’re going to get attached to him!” Lily said exasperated.

“No I won’t!” Natalie said, standing up with the hound in her arms.

“Okay, but honestly… Snuffles?” Lily sighed. “What sort of name is that? Why don’t you name him… Angus? Or Bow, or Buddy, or even Chocolate, for heaven’s sake! But Snuffles?”

“But Snuffles is so cute! And it totally fits him,” Natalie said. “And it’s not like he minds, do you Snufflekins?” The dog barked, licking her face again. Natalie giggled before putting the dog on the ground again.

Lily shook her head. “Fine. Let’s just go get our ice cream.”

“Okay, but I’m bringing Snuffles with us!” Nat proclaimed. Lily shook her head, again.

“Come on, let’s just go.” Lily walked into the ice cream parlor.

“Come on Snufflewuffles,” Nat called as the mutt hurried toward her. They followed Lily into the parlor.

“No pets allowed!” shrieked the old woman behind the counter.

Natalie blinked. “Fine then,” she said haughtily, turning around on her heel and stomping out of the shop with Snuffles in tow. Nat sat down in front of the shop, and Snuffles put his head in her lap. “It’s alright, Snuffiewuffiekins! That mean old lady just doesn’t understand that you only wanted some ice cream, too!” she said to the dog, scratching behind his ears. “Then again, you might be lactose intolerant, but you never know until you try, right?” The dog barked in agreement.

Lily emerged from the store a few minutes later with two ice cream cones.

“Ooh, triple fudge!” Nat smiled, snatching her ice cream from her friend. She ate some before holding it out to Snuffles.

“Natalie!” Lily yelped, stopping her from giving ice cream to the dog. “Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, remember?”

Nat thought for a moment. “Oh. Right.” She immediately grabbed Lily’s ice cream, handing her her own, instead. “Here, Snuffies, take some good old vanilla instead.”

Lily blinked. “My ice cream…” she sighed. “And I don’t even like chocolate flavoured.”

“I’ll fix that,” Nat said, cheerfully. She took her ice cream back again, continuing to eat it while the hound ate Lily’s. “See?” she said through a mouthful of her triple fudge cone, “All better!”

Lily shook her head, waiting for Nat and her “friend” to finish their ice cream. At long last, they were through, so Lily and Natalie stood up.

“Look!” Natalie suddenly pointed. “There’s James!”

“Sirius isn’t with him, though,” Lily pointed out. “So why do you care?”

Natalie ignored that remark and called to the boy. She ran over to him, the dog galloping in pursuit. Lily followed, as well, though at a much slower pace.

“Hey, Evans,” James said, grinning slightly, a hand jumping to his hair.

Lily folded her arms, an eyebrow raised.

James looked at the dog that was rubbing against Natalie’s legs. He looked suspiciously at it. “Is… er… this your dog?” he asked the girls.

“No,” Natalie chirped, crouching down to hug him. “We found him! Isn’t he adorable?”

James shook his head at the dog, as though he couldn’t believe him. “Yeah, he’s somethin’, all right.”

“Why do you ask?” Nat inquired.

“Oh,” James paused. “I think that’s my… er… cousin’s dog. He lost him.”

Natalie looked at James. “But…”

“Give him the dog, Nat,” Lily said sternly.

Nat sadly grimly looked at the massive black dog. She sighed in a defeated way before crouching next to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I love you, Snuffles,” she sniffled. She stood back up, releasing the hound.

“Come one, Snuffles,” James said to the dog, caught somewhere between agitation and amusement, dragging him away by his tail.

“I’ll never forget you, Snuffles!” Natalie cried as her beloved puppy was towed away. Lily put one arm around Nat, patting her shoulders.

“It’s all right, Nat. There are other dogs in the… erm… bone yard,” she said consolingly.

“Really?” Natalie asked, tears subsiding and turning to her best friend, her usual perky manner returning. “Can we go there?”