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Supposed to Be [06.17.2007 ; 06.16 pm]
The Astronomy Tower


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Title: Supposed to Be
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Lily, Lily/James
Summary: They were supposed to be forever.
Word Count: 162
Note: For a contest.

He pressed himself against the wall, putting himself momentarily out of the rain. He ran a hand through his honey-coloured hair, sopping wet.

This, he thought, was not how it was supposed to end, most possibly because it was not supposed to end. They were supposed to be forever.

Words weren't supposed to hurt like this, piercing his lungs and stopping his heart, very nearly killing him.

But, he sadly admitted, he'd half-expected this. She was right—she wasn't a secret to be kept. She didn't deserve to be half of this hidden relationship. He saw the way that she stared at him, the boy who'd actually planted the thought in her head that she shouldn't be hidden... She grew to love him.

And somewhere along the way, she had fallen out of love with the young boy who treasured her and their secret companionship.

He stared into the rain, just wishing things were, once again, how they were supposed to be..