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Perfection [04.22.2007 ; 10.22 pm]
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Title: Perfection
Rating: G?
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Lily, Lily/James
Summary: She said they were perfect, but she wanted what was right.
Word Count: 405

Remus Lupin never thought he'd see the day when perfection wasn't good enough.

He grabbed his cloak, walking out the door, out into the pouring rain, hoping a walk would clear his head. Instead, everything seemed to remind him of what had happened... of her...

“You and I are perfect for each other,” she always seemed to say, intertwining their fingers as they sat in a corner of the library.

Perfect. They were perfect.

You're perfect,” he would whisper in reply, smiling slightly at the girl.

“Remus Lupin, I do believe that it takes two halves to make a whole. And that,” she would smile, “is exactly why we're perfect, together.”

Remus sighed. How many times had she tried so hard to convince him that he was wonderful? And he never listened. He wouldn't.

Eventually, he came upon the misconception that he should end it all, to set her free—free from him.

She hated it so badly.

Then, she started dating James.

And he hated that even more..

He had suggested, after some time, that the two of them repair everything, that all she needed to do was choose him over James and they could be together until the day they died...

“Oh can't you see?” she asked him sadly. “I'm with James, now, and I love him.”

He had pleaded with her—anything, anything, just him over James...

“Remus,” she had said, taking his hands just as affectionately as she always did, though it was uncomfortably different, now, “you and I... we're perfect for each other. We really are.”

His heart had pounded. She still admitted that they achieved a seemingly unreachable perfection.

“But...” she went on, his heart sinking, “James and I are right for each other. That's what makes all the difference.”

He blindly walked through the rain, his feet leading him to an all too familiar place. He slowed to a halt and stared at the graves.

“We were perfect,” he bitterly told the ground, “but you wanted what was right. You wanted him.”

He made a shout of frustration, staring up at the sky, angry tears mingling with the raindrops that pelted his face.

“How is this right?” he asked loudly, angrily, fingers weaving through his soaked hair. “Why are they dead? What makes this right?”

He fell to the ground, face in his hands, hopelessly mumbling about how wrong the world was.

It wasn't right.

It wasn't perfect...

[User Picture]From: alaisiaga
{04.23.2007;02.44 am} (UTC)
angst, but good angst. wonderful. <3
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[User Picture]From: crystallicrain
{04.23.2007;02.51 am} (UTC)
Thanks. Though I still can't stand this one.. =/
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